Full-text reports of PHENMA 2019 will be published with SPRINGER and NOVA SCIENCE PUBLISHERS

PHENMA 2019 received great attention and 348 abstracts by the authors from 20 countries have been submitted to the Organizing Committee.

The List of accepted abstracts you can find in attachment.

We recommend you to check presence your accepted report and its status in the List of Abstracts. The pointed abbreviation signs the following: NPY(Y*)N

N – the abstract was submitted no yang participant 

P – poster report, О – oral report, K – keynote lecture

Y – full-text report will be submitted for publication with SPRINGERNOVA SCIENCE PUBLISHERS or Y* – in International Journal
N – electronic book of the PHENMA-2019 Proceedings will be not ordered 

PHENMA 2018 Abstracts Book will be published before the conference.

Full-text reports of PHENMA 2019 will be published with SPRINGER and NOVA SCIENCE PUBLISHERS(edited books) and also in special issues of the journals

List of the journals:

1. “Journal of Advanced Dielectrics”(SJR: Q2, IF=0.31) – free 


2. “Applied Sciences” (Switzerland)(SJR: Q1, IF=0.38) – $1500 per paper 


3. “Modern Physics Letters B”(SJR: Q4, IF=0.23) – $500 per paper

4. Special issue of “Applied Sciences” (Switzerland), devoted to PHENMA-2019, has been announced by the journal:


The similar information on special issue of “Modern Physics Letters B”, devoted to PHENMA-2019, will be present in the next e-mail distribution.


papers can be published in journal “Material Physics and Mechanics” (SJR: Q3, IF=0.21) – free https://www.scimagojr.com/journalsearch.php?q=59007&tip=sid&clean=0.

However, due to the reviewing and publication of the full-text reports of PHENMA-2018 in the journal “Material Physics and Mechanics” were strongly delayed (current situation on the journal papers is present in the file CONTENTS, where green shows published papers, blue – accepted for publication, yellow – being finalized by the authors, red – rejected by the editorial staff for reasons of inconsistency with the journal topics or level of papers, white – awaiting review), this year, the interaction of the PHENMA-2019 Organizing Committee with the editors of this journal will be as follows.

After the papers are received by the journal, the editors carry out their “first screening” until the articles are submitted for scientific review. During the “first screening”, the paper is analyzed on the correspondence of the paper to the topics of the magazine, the correct design of the article, the presence in the article of all the necessary logical elements and the relationship between them, an overview of the previous results on the topic, the English language, the sufficiency of the list of cited sources and its design, the quality of the illustrations. According to the results of “first screening”, the article is either returned to the authors for revision, or immediately transmitted to scientific reviewers. The results of “first screening” for 5-10 submitted articles will be obtained within 2 weeks. Further, after the authors finalize the paper (if necessary), the papers are sent to reviewers. The authors will receive the results of the second stage within two months after submitting the revised articles.

Authors who agree with this two-step procedure are invited by the PHENMA-2019 Organizing Committee to submit their full-text articles for publication in the journal “Material Physics and Mechanics”. To create a corresponding package of 5-10 articles, interested authors should inform Prof. I.A. Parinov before September 15, 2019 (strictly) parinov_ia@mail.ru. The decision of the PHENMA-2019 Organizing Committee on the inclusion of articles in the list of proposed publications for the journal Material Physics and Mechanicswill be reported to the authors on October 1, 2019. Corresponding papers formatted according to the rules of the journal, together with accompanying documents (in electronic form) must be submitted to Prof. I.A. Parinov until December 1, 2019 (strictly) parinov_ia@mail.ru and duplicated to ppr@math.sfedu.ru.

The list of selected PHENMA-2019 reports published withSPRINGER (50 reports, up to 15 pages)is present in the file SPRINGER-50-M.

The list of selected PHENMA-2019 reports published in“Journal of Advanced Dielectrics” (30 reports, up to 15 pages) is present in the file Journal of Advanced Dielectrics-30-M.

All other full-text papers will be published with NOVA SCIENCE PUBLISHERS (reports, up to 6 pages).

Template for the papers

Template for the papers presented for publication with SPRINGER is given in attachment (see file 26). In this Template, you can form your paper. All key words into text must be pointed by blue color

The paper published with “Journal of Advanced Dielectrics”must be written according with Rules for Authors of this journal https://www.worldscientific.com/worldscinet/jad

Template for the papers, presented for publication with NOVA SCIENCE PUBLISHERS, is given in attachment (see file 47).

Full-textpapers (in docx) for all three Publishers must be submitted Prof. Ivan. A. Parinov up to December 01, 2019 (strictly!) parinov_ia@mail.ru

and duplicated to ppr@math.sfedu.ru. This deadline will be not changed. 

All submitted papers must be checked by authors for excluding plagiarism.

All full-textpapers will be published during 2020.

All participants need PHENMA-2019 LETTERS-INVITATIONS can ask them Prof. Ivan A. Parinov, parinov_ia@mail.ru, or Prof. Banh Tien Long long.banhtien@hust.edu.vn


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